A Plate Full Of Crazy

First, props to fellow blogger and Twitter friend @PoznaiSebia for offering me the inspiration for the name of this blog in a recent blog post of hers.   Though young enough to be my daughter, she’s as insanely busy as I am, and understands well the pressures on women–of all ages–to try to balance all of it well.

Second, gratitude and mucho macho props to my husband of twenty-five years (bless him!) for his patient tending of my plate, which often spills over onto him . . . He dutifully laughs each time I trot out the well-worn justification for each NEW wonderful thing I propose to add to the plate: “Hey, it’s cheap therapy!”  I am blessed with a job that is more than just a job–registrar of a small public liberal arts university–and in the manner of such work, it tends to eat me alive if I’m not careful. It’s all too easy to get completely bogged down in the unending cycles of semesters and students, to get lost and stay lost.

(As, frankly, I did for years.  But that’s a topic for another day, perhaps.)

Each new venture, as much as it makes my family and friends shake their heads and ask, Is she crazy?, balances my life against that equally maddening pull down into the eternal slog that a demanding career, even when satisfying and meaningful, can easily becomeKayaking, drumming, singing, kettlebells, labyrinths, poetry, retreat ministry . . . each new joy adds another circle of friends, energizes another part of my heart or mind or spirit or body in a new way . . . reminds me that, as I said in a recent interview recorded at work for a podcast on students, spirituality, and wellness:  I am, we are, you are not just your job, not just your paycheck or a GPA or a line on a resume.  We can be–were created to become–so much more.

Me? I’m a whole plate full of crazy, and on the uphill sprint to 50, honey, it’s just starting to get good.  Join me?



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2 responses to “A Plate Full Of Crazy

  1. Girlfriend, I cannot wait to see where you take this blog. Even more, I cannot wait to meet you!

  2. Me too, on both counts, chica! You’ve been so much fun to hang out with on Twitter–thanks for your encouragement and energy and sheer good positive vibes.

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