The Journey So Far . . .

Twenty-some years married. Twenty-some years in higher education administration. Two children, ten years apart. (Yes, I know–what were we thinking?!)  Several states, moves, houses, job changes between us.

Somewhere in all of that, I got lost. It was easy enough to lose myself in the work.  But it’s also true that in constantly saying yes to something new–the new good for the plate–I was looking for new ways to lose myself.  That’s just the hard truth of it, and here’s part of the reason why:

I was isolated behind walls I had built up thicker and higher with each passing year with all my busy-ness, yes, but also in my own body:  at one point, I found myself not too far from 200 lbs.  On a 5 ft nothing person, that’s not just mildly overweight.

I was obese.

And my body  was starting to fight back.

In October 2010, I experienced and recognized a near-miss with my body: during a weekend serving on the staff of a spiritual renewal weekend for women, I was struck with a headache so sharp and severe, I thought my head was going to explode. I had experienced headaches before–chronic headaches, in fact, were a normal part of my days–but this was different. I was within minutes of asking people to call for help.  I know now that I had experienced a blood pressure spike severe enough to put me in danger.  My native good health, blessed to me by my parents, was not going to be enough to fight back what I was doing to my body anymore.

The following month, we packed up and drove south for a family reunion, and I had another moment of truth–this time from a beloved sister who has also struggled to return to good health, and wanted better for me, her baby sister.

Between those two kicks in the pants from the universe, I knew things had to change.

I tell a little bit about the beginning of my journey back to health, back to sanity and strength and balance, as a guest blogger with Girya Girl and twitter bud Adrienne Harvey. (See the link over to her amazing blog over to the right and up a bit there? —->> ^ Yep, there it is! Go there.  Great stuff.)

This was just the beginning of my journey back . . . enjoy the story–more to come!  By the way, here’s the “Jabba the Butt” picture I mention in the blogpost at  You see why the universe kicked me in the pants:  I was rather an easy target. (0_o)



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4 responses to “The Journey So Far . . .

  1. My God. I never saw that post on Adrienne’s blog before. How did I miss that? I had no idea!

    You officially became one of the most inspiring people I know! I’m not just saying that. Woman, now more than ever am I truly and axiom aly awaiting our meet up !

  2. Just wait til I get to a computer where I can put up the ‘Jabba the Butt’ picture I mention in Adrienne’s blog. It was another wake-up call from the universe!!!

  3. Aaaaand . . . there it is. Ewww.

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