The Countdown Begins!

As you saw in a previous post, I’ve done some guest blogging with one of my Twitter friends and kettlebell/fitness fiend Adrienne “Girya Girl” Harvey.  In a more recent post on her blog, I wrote about my experience as a volunteer “victim” for the May 2012 Russian Kettlebell Certification training workshop held in Vienna, Virginia.

An amazing experience, both for myself, and for the rite of passage I was privileged to witness in those being certified that day.

One of the questions that came out of the experience, posed by my coach (Salim, one of the new RKCs-in-the-making) was, “When are you going up for certification?”  And I had no answer for him.

I hadn’t thought, until that moment, beyond what the work I had done would accomplish for me.  Losing the “Jabba Butt”.  Getting healthy.  Gaining strength.  Putting energy back into my life, my smile, my walk, my everything!

But what if?  What could a certification–if I could manage it–do for others?

Are there other women, like me, approaching mid-life and stuck, or lost, behind the sad walls their own bodies and bad habits have built up over the years?  Other folks for whom the simple (yet phenomenally challenging) ballistics of an iron ball with a handle might work its strong magic?

September 15.  Pittsburgh.  HKC.  Let’s find out.



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10 responses to “The Countdown Begins!

  1. My God, I jsut realized how close we are to HKC Pittsburgh. You just gave me a brilliant idea for a future blog post myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And as for this whole “what if?”, the possibilites are endless. I’m sure we’re be answering the this for ourselves once certified.

    By the way, there is no doubt here. Get it out of your head. You WILL manage it and you WILL get certified right along side me!

    And that’s real talk, ya heard? 😉

  2. I gotta work on the flexed-arm hang, though. Everything else will be fine–that pull-up bar scares the heck outta me.

  3. kettlebellqueen

    Have you signed up yet? My old blog (www.kettlebellqueen.wordpress etc) tells the story of my own journey to HKC and RKC from a similar beginning. I like Tracey’s blog for the same reason. I met her in Hungary when I did RKC.
    I’m glad your coach encouraged you. My RKC felt really threatened and was a little ‘off’ with me. “What do you want to do that for?” But I did it anyway, supported by new trainer, who spotted my potential and persuaded me to do GS next. The RKC eventually helped with my form and how to train others, because these are important parts of the cert.
    All I’ve got to say is – go for it!

    • Yes, I’m on the roster for the September 15 HKC! And my RKC coach is not only encouraging–I think she’d be really disappointed if I didn’t go for it!! Is your old blog still up? I’d klove to read that progression as well.

      Thanks for the encouragement, friend. If you haven’t seen my post about Plan X, you might enjoy (and recognize) the funny reactions a short chick gets when she walks into a male-dominated gym area and starts slinging iron . . .

      • kettlebellqueen

        That’s great, you’ll love it! I’ve just re-opened my old blog so you can take a look.
        I did read Plan X and smiled in recognition! I sometimes train in an old fashioned weight lifting and boxing gym. On occasions I’m the only woman there. I love to see men’s faces as when I start swinging the 32kg, or farmers walks with double 28kg. They can’t quite believe what they are seeing – have had hours of fun ;-). The competition kettlebell really confused them as it looks like a 40kg and I’m knocking out 100 snatches at a time (it’s only 12kg). Most are really friendly and encouraging when you get know to them. I

  4. I just sent a request to see the site–looks like WordPress still has it marked as private.

  5. Thanks! Looking forward to the reading.

  6. By the way, this countdown clock makes this Burgher so happy! WONDERFUL! I mean it! 🙂

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