Insight from the Path

My family is blessed to live in a wonderful riverside neighborhood, and often walk its roads–a good 5k or more loop, with or without kettlebells!

Even more than the exercise, the time being in good company, or quiet together in nature, often brings with it a sudden glimmer–a glimpse of something that catches my attention in a deeper way, that nudges me later, keeps me awake at night to say, “Look at me again, turn me over, see what curves and depths are here, what gems are hidden in these hollows.”

A flock of crows.  Blackberry canes. Summer on the Blue Ridge.  Almost Heaven indeed, in West By God Virginia.


Three crows, flying low across my path.  Once, walking south in twilight
along the river’s edge; twice, driving north in morning sun.  Same river.
Same road.  Same crows.  Same sun gleaming blackwing.

What augur do they bring?  The mountains tell us:  illness in the house?
Rain, or the unexpected guest?   That guest most unwanted, except when–
at the end of all pain—death appears as heaven’s most welcomed kindness?

Or perhaps, just this:  the bright lift of wings into air, canes arching over
the path,

berry’s darkling tumble into my palm,  summer burst ecstatic on my tongue?
If I may choose between messengers, my heart says yes:  let this sweetness in
at the door.



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