Saturday’s Workout: a KB Roadtrip!

For those interested or merely curious as to what a middling-aged desk jockey might do on her rare weekend off:

I took my twins Ivan and Stefan (my pair of 20lb kettlebells–I’ll post a pic when I’m on a different computer later) for a walk around our lovely neighborhood.  Early morning, so as not to scare the neighbors.

(You’re welcome.)

Except for a mug of half-caffeinated coffee (my own blend), I worked out in fasted state, and was interested to see how my energy levels would hold up. I’ll talk about that a little later.

I set my Gymboss for 20 cycles of 2:00/1:00 intervals, for a full hour.  Some of that time, I knew, I would be ignoring the timer, but it would keep me generally on track.  Here’s the work plan:

Walk from home to community pavilion, about 1K

  • 2:00 double farmer’s carry
  • 1:00 Double Kettlebell Hell: 5 dbl swings, 5 dbl high pulls, 5 dbl cleans, 5 dbl squat thrusters
  • 2:00 double racked carry
  • 1:00 Double Kettlebell Hell again!
  • Repeat until arrive at pavilion
  • One final round of DKH!

Not done yet, not by a long shot!

I stow the boys in the bushes near the pavilion (just in case), then set out for some walk/run intervals through a hilly loop of our neighborhood, about 18 minutes (6 cycles).

Returning to the pavilion nice and sweaty, I fetched the boys out of the grass for a few rounds of my favorite HKC prep, the Deep Six:

  • Turkish Get-Up 
  • 6 presses
  • 6 cleans
  • 6 squats
  • 6 swings
  • 6 snatches
  • Finish the Turkish Get-Down

Repeat on the other side=one round. Repeat for six rounds total.

Still not done, as I had to get my hot mess home! And I was truly a mess by then.  I simply alternated farmer’s carry and racked carry for the 1K back to the house, paying attention to keeping lats and core engaged.

Form is everything. Workout is practice.  Repeat this until you believe it!

So I rolled in right at 8am, just about an hour on the dot since setting out.  I felt energized rather than exhausted, and not starving or shaky.  Interesting.

I’ve been reading about Intermittent Fasting and its connection to the body’s natural cycles of muscle growth and energy conservation (read: fat storage)–how in particular the 3-5 small meal plan many of us have been working with for years can interfere with those natural cycles and end up skewing them toward storage rather than strength.

But . . . But . . . I have to have FUEL, right? I’m like a car, right? My tank is empty, and I’ll sputter to a stop, right?

Well, probably eventually, yes–but the body’s exquisite chemistry is such that it can mobilize energy as needed from the stores.  And if you remember, most of us–myself included–are storage experts, and have PUHLENTY where that came from.

This morning? I was just fine.  This body, she knows what she needs to do.

Obviously, where there are chemical or endocrine issues or impairments, other protocols must apply.  But for me, this pattern of intermittent fasting is something I’m continuing to investigate and experiment with–there are several recommended patterns, and I’m working to find one that seems to fit my life and body chemistry best.  More about that later!

What’s your work plan this weekend?


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