Final Week . . . HKC Pittsburgh bound, baby!

It’s here.

In the busy-ness of the end of summer/beginning of the semester, I turned around, and it’s here.  HKC Pittsburgh, coming this Saturday.

I’m trying not to panic.  I think I’m ready.  All along this road, I’ve been learning to trust that feeling–and the evidence–instead of the panic.

Here’s my evidence:

  • I’m getting used to snatching the 16k (35-lb) kettlebell.  HKC certification doesn’t even test on the snatch, so in that sense I’m actually ahead of the game.  In my final work session with Cruel Jamie– awesome RKC trainer–she had me do sets of 5 16k snatches with each arm “until they fall off”.  I might be paraphrasing.
  • I’m routinely swinging the 26k (56-lb) kettlebell.  Between these two, my strength is good (and growing) on the ballistic moves.  (I’m still wonky on my feet with swings, according to Jamie, even though otherwise they’re strong.  This might get noted and corrected at HKC, but she’s not worried about it, so I won’t either.)
  • I’m good on the flexed arm hang (as long as I don’t have to retest over and over).
  • My goblet squats are golden.  Must be the mommy hips . . .
  • Turkish Get-Ups are still one of my favorites–usually my warm-up, whatever else I’m doing–and I’ve made them the framework of my HKC prep training, after the RKC Deep 6 pattern (thank you, Coach Engum!).
  • My conditioning is improving more and more:  I can go for looong stretches of heavy swings, swing ladders (increasing numbers of reps each cycle within a training session), and “pain chains” (moving up through increasing bell weights in one session).  Though I’m a frizzy, hot-mess puddle of sweat by the end of it, the fact that I consider these awesome fun instead of hellish torture must be a good sign, right?
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT.  Remember the skirt?  The one that stayed sitting when I stood up at the end of a committee meeting?  The skirt I bought to replace it–my first single-digit-sized clothing purchase in 20 years, probably!–is now beginning to slide down my hips in the same way.  I’m wearing it today at work, in fact, and I’m a leetle worried.

Note, if you will, that none of this evidence involves the scale.  Increasing strength and the resulting body changes are for me a better, more positive, LESS OBSESSIVE-MAKING barometer of my progress.

This, too, is a good sign.

I am completely rocked to have one Janelle Pica, none other than Primal Burgher Herself, as my HKC partner this weekend!!  She’s been a

partner all along–in strength development and general encouragement and awesomeness as we’ve connected online–so it’s

wonderful that we can see this thing through together.  By the way, she’s roughly half my age and twice my strength!   But

somehow the math works, as it’s added up to a great friendship as well as a mutual goal.

We got this, chica!

I want to say what a great encourager my own Sweet Baboo has been–not just putting up with this slightly daft, not-sure-what-I’ll-do-with-it-once-I-get-it goal of mine, but cheering me on along the way.  Thanks, Dear.  I’ll try not to break anything while I’m there. (>_<)

And on that note–what will I do with the certification once earned?–we’ll see.  I’m connecting with the Wellness Center folks–with the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Center–some other fitness places already equipped with kettlebells–and with individuals who’ve seen the work I’ve been doing and the progress, and who are interested in discovering what training with kettlebells can do for them.  If you’re one of these folks, let me know!  I’m here for ya.

Heading out Friday morning for the ‘Burgh.  Watch out!



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5 responses to “Final Week . . . HKC Pittsburgh bound, baby!

  1. You are WAY TOO KIND! Thanks so much for this shout out! I cannot wait to meet up with you! SO EXCITED FOR OUR HKC! 🙂

  2. You ladies are going to rock it out this weekend!!! So excited for you!! Don’t forget to keep me posted!! High Five!!

  3. Thanks, Nichole! Hold that thought! 🙂

  4. kettlebellqueen

    Sorry, I’ve been busy with beginning of term stuff too. I know you will have been great this weekend and can now add HKC to the letters after your name! Sounds like your trainer is preparing you for the RKC which you would love. Also glad to read about weight changes. When I was preparing for RKC I dropped about 5k just ensuring I made weight. It’s a great incentive…

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