An HKC Reunion, Part One

First of all.  It’s important for you to know that–despite a widening circle of online friends via Facebook, Twitter, and a site where I log my kettlebell practice–I have a relatively small circle of close friends.  My sweet babboo and I are quiet folk, homebodies, and can happily spend a weekend cocooned in our house, never seeing or talking to anyone else until Monday morning.

Within that small circle, though, there is an amazing variety and diversity that nourishes me and provides a beautiful backdrop to my crazyplate life.  My friends range from deeply spiritual to deeply skeptical (and sometimes both); from credentialed and highly-educated to practical and well-schooled in life (and sometimes both); from creative, artistic types to left-brained keyboard monkeys like me; from liberal to conservative and every flavor in between.  I love and appreciate all of them–so enjoying friendship with someone different from me is not really a surprise.

However. Even I was surprised by the friendship that has developed with 20-something social media maven and kettlebell strongwoman Janelle Pica over the past year!

We met online as mutual Twitter buddies of Adrienne Harvey, aka GiryaGirl.  Her funny, encouraging, high-energy updates online never failed to make me laugh and send me back to my work better than I was before.  We became friends, and then to my surprise (again!) our training goals began to align with the announcement of a DragonDoor Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification course to be offered in September 2012 at her gym in Pittsburgh.

ImageMutual encouragement and general hilarity ensued, culminating in the historic meet-up in Pittsburgh for the cert weekend, which I have chronicled elsewhere.

Fast-forward to 2013:  we are both DragonDoor-certified HKC instructors, and have continued to correspond and support each other.  Recently I invited her to our home in West Virginia–mainly so that she could take her brand new car out for a ROAD TRIP–but also for the chance to do some fun iron play, feed her some venison, and hang out with a great training partner and friend.

(I invite you to read her account of the weekend on her excellent blog, The Primal Burgher.)Image

We decided that sometime during the weekend–in between the massive feasts of venison and other deliciousness, the training and testing sessions with kettlebells, and the hilarious evening out at a local limoncello distillery— we would interview each other.  We were hoping that my fabulous RKC trainer, Jamie, would be able to join us in the interview, but unfortunately she had other obligations that kept her away.  Another time!

Coming tomorrow on the CrazyPlate blog:  my interview with RKC-in-training Janelle Pica!Image


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