StrongFirst Girya: one final look

Many thanks to the tech geeks at StrongFirst who made the live streams available at their historic first SFG certification this past weekend in Houston, Texas!  One of the coolest things about the live broadcasts was that it was coming through Google Glass technology:  read about it here.

Beyond that little bit of geekdom, the weekend underscored why I love the kettlebell community so much, and am so proud to inhabit my small corner of it:  all ages, genders, shades, body types, and levels of experience are welcome.  It came through as clear as (Google) glass:  if you are ready to do work, and have prepared yourself for the challenge, come on in. Compete:  not against me, not against some other group, not against anyone but yourself and what you once believed were your limitations.

A beautiful example of this spirit is demonstrated by one of my personal heroes, Tracy Reifkind.  She too changed her life and her body with kettlebell training, which she has made her mission and life’s work!  She was a candidate for SFG certification this weekend as well.

One of the final tests for candidates is the dreaded 5-minute snatch test, which comes in the morning of the third day.  After two days of grueling work, with muscles already aching and callouses burning, candidates must snatch a kettlebell overhead 100 times, and do so within 5 minutes.

The minimum required kettlebell size is determined by three factors:  gender, age, and weight.  For her kettlebell snatch test, Tracy’s required kettlebell size according to those factors was to be 16 kilograms, or about 35 pounds.

That wasn’t good enough for Tracy.  As she put it, “I’ve snatched 16k a million times. I set a new goal.”  So even though the testing requirements told her otherwise, she determined she would pass the snatch test with a 20-kilogram bell.

44 pounds.  100 times.  5 minutes.

Watch and marvel.  You’ll especially want to stick around for the last 15 reps!

Pure, unadulterated, beautiful strength.  I want to be like her when I grow up!  Congratulations to Tracy and all of the candidates in SFG Class 1.

Go strong, friends.


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12 responses to “StrongFirst Girya: one final look

  1. What are you talking about wanting to be like her? You already have the warrior spirit! Tap into it and be the best you there is! 🙂

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    This is amaze balls!!

  4. P.S.S. Congratulations! You have been nominated for The Liebster Award!! Swing over to my blog for details! 🙂

  5. **Tap, tap, tap** Is this thing on???

    • I know . . . I know . . . absolutely buried at work since coming off the road. To quote Ahnold: I’ll be back . . .

      Sorry I haven’t been the best blogging buddy! 😦

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